Mostly Chile and a Little Bit of Argentina

Family & Friends:
My Chilean family: Elvira, Joty, Tia Carola, Esteban, Benjo, and Benjo's friend Bruno
Esteban is such a ham!
Esteban dressed up for a school play
Tia Carola, a painter, teaching the children
Benjamin & Esteban
Elvira (El-vee-ra), the nanny
Matias, another student living w/Tia Carola
Beth & me at TGIFriday's in Santiago
Beth & her Chilean sister, Quena
Lea & me at a truck stop in Argentina
Rose, Rodrigo, my good friend Sebastian, & me in Vina del Mar

Downtown Santiago:
The smog in Santiago is worse than L.A.
La moneda, the White House of Chile
Typical graveyard in Chile, with iron crosses
Graveyard of many of "los desaparecidos"
Victor Jara's (an anti-Pinochet folk singer) tomb in Santiago
The list of "los desaparecidos", people supposedly killed by Pinochet's army
The Virgin Carmen guards the city of Santiago
La Catolica, my school in Santiago
The mosh pit at a Chilean folk concert

Beautiful Places in Southern Chile (Punta Arenas):
Tour guide at the Concha y Toro vineyard
Fiordo Ultima Esperanza
Waterfall in the fjord
The beautiful green water of the fjord
Another view of the fjord
Glacier Balmaceda, located in the fjord
More of Glacier Balmaceda
Glacier Serrano, also in the fjord
Beautiful view of Glacier Serrano
It was cold in front of Glacier Serrano!!
Rainbow on Fiordo Ultima Esperanza
The huge Milodon Cave
The milidon, a huge ancient creature
A penguin in its natural habitat (not ice)
The guanaco, a relative of the llama
Torres del Paine, the most famous national park in Chile
A view inside the Torres del Paine park
Lea & me at Torres del Paine
My favorite shot in Chile-the beauty of Torres del Paine
Salto Grande, a large waterfall in Torres del Paine