Kristi, Nep, Erica, & Kathryn:
Kristi, Nepolina, Kathryn, & me at Whitey's
Kathryn & me at Whitey's
Kristi & Kathryn
Kristi getting frisky
She just can't keep her hands off me!!
Nepolina & me at Whitey's
Nep & me getting ready to go dancing
Amanda, Nep, & me on the Senior Week cruise
Me, Nep, & Kathryn during Senior Week
Kathryn & me at the 2002 DKE Formal
The "money" shot cute
Kathryn & me after graduation
Kathryn & Molnar
Tim & Kathryn on the cruise
Kathryn & me at the 2002 Adler Banquet
The gals with Dr. Landau
Erica & Kristi looking happy
Erica, Kristi, & me before I went to Chile
Loni, Kristi, Erica, Jeff, me, Shawn, & Liz

Tora, Keith, Russell, & Mitchell:
Tora & me getting ready for Halloween
Russell, me, & my godson, Mitchell
Russ caught in the act!
Russ admiring the birthday cake I made him
Mom, Keith, and Russ in Massachusetts

Alpha Phi Omega:
Shruti, my big brother
Serena & me at the family dinner
My APO little, Serena
Russ (in the back middle) and his DSK
Marta, a fellow APO member
Jessica & me practicing some ballet
Me, Arianna, & Becky on the Senior Week cruise
Shawn & Mandy at our S&M Family dinner

My Buddies: Dave, Suzie, Chris, & Adam:
Suzie, Dave, & me (1997)
Chris & Dave on the Senior Week cruise
Dave the stud
"The Gang": me, Dave, Chris, & Suzie
Jim & Dave with me at graduation
Suzie & me at the Senior Week banquet
Bad pic of me, but I needed one of Adam

Alpha Chi Omega:
My gorgeous big and fellow line dancer, Carrie
Carrie a.k.a. "Legs"
Michelle, Carrie, Julie, & someone else
Kelly, Erin, & me in Tower City
My AXO little, Nedayka (white shirt, next to me)
Kelly H. (a.k.a. Lil Kel) posing for the camera
Jen, Kelly, Peggy, & Dana
Yvonne, Sarah EZ, and Lindsay
The 2002 Seniors
Me, Tammie, & Leila before formal
Tammy Stolle

Other Good Friends:
Mona, after she helped me get ready for formal
Liz in front of the San Francisco Bay bridge
Liz at high school graduation (1997)
Marlyse dressed me up for Homecoming 1997
Fabrice: DJ for the 2002 DKE Formal
Molnar & his puppy, Pounder
Cathy T. & me on the Senior Week cruise
Ramona & me at the Tower City Rapid station
Ramona is such a sweetie
Me & Swann after graduation
Swann, Nep, & me during Senior Week
Swann's the man!
Dr. Feke & Dean Savinell

The UOP Gang:
The ChemE Posse from UOP
Christine & Brooke
Chris, Christine, & Brooke
This is apparently an interesting glass of Guinness
Therese & Brian at an Irish pub
Therese, Therese...first Brian, now Chad