Recent Photos

Meghan & me at Joe Rak's wedding
Jill & Jer at home with the kitties
Jer, Jill, & me at Chi-Chi's, Jill's favorite Mexican restaurant
Caitlin on her picture day
"The Birthday Girl"
Jess, Heidi, Kristi, & me
Jill & me in Michigan
Jill & Jer
Jill & Jer's kitty, Winona
Biddolf, the other kitty
The kitties-Winona is such a ham!
Jill & me at Olive Garden
Chad & me at his old apartment
Erica & me on Chad's couch
Bryan-mad scientist or hairstyle trendsetter?
Adrianna & me at Blue Man Group
James and his co-star
James & Adrianna after the show

Grandpa's Medal Ceremony:
Cait & Bella before the ceremony
Grandpa & me dancing
Grandpa receiving his Bronze Star
Marilyn Jensen, a good friend from Colorado
Marilyn, Grandma, & Cait
Mark, one of the head animators on The Simpsons
Cait & Theo
Bella & me during dinner
Sarah, Bella, & Cait
Cait & Theo again
Therese & cute!
Cait, me, & Theresa all done up
Therese & me
Isn't she gorgeous?
The Smith girls
The Smith family
My Grandma, the kindest woman that ever lived!
My Grandpa, the hero

Friends & Pets:
Brian, Adam, Chris, Ed, & Josh: New Year's Eve 2004
The girls & me on New Year's Eve 2004
Kristi at her baby shower
Jill & Jer at Bahama Breeze just after Therese's wedding
Topaz, the Konrad's beloved dog
Spirit, the newest Konrad addition
Spirit "prancing" around
What a cutie!
Thunder doing what he does best, begging for attention
Our babies

Baby Caitlin:
One of the first times I held her
So tiny...
Baby pose
There's nothing like a baby's smile
The sponsors (Todd & Shelley, me & Brian) at the baptism
The proud parents at the baptism
Mica holding Caitlin

Halloween in Madison (2005):
The bunny and the cowgirl...
Me & Heidi
Adam & Heidi: True to their Wisconsin roots
What good is a bunny without her Hugh?

Brian & me Christmas 2003

Therese & Jonathan's Wedding:
Cait & me at the rehearsal dinner
Therese & me at the rehearsal dinner
Brian & me at the rehearsal dinner
Jonathan & Emily at the rehearsal dinner
Therese & Kristin at the rehearsal dinner
Therese, Grandma & Grandpa at the rehearsal dinner
Me, Grandma & Grandpa at the rehearsal dinner
Therese on her big day
Cait & me at the reception
The Owens' first dance
Therese & dad dancing at the reception
Grandma & Grandpa on the dance floor
Terry & Gail dancing to celebrate over 30 years of marriage
Mom & Dad, Shirley & Tony dancing
Cait & me dancing at the reception

Lori & Brian's Wedding:
Lori & Glen walking down the aisle
Lori & Brian at the ceremony site
Lori & Brian cutting the cake
Lighting the unity candle
One happy family
Smile for the camera!
Caitlin watching the first dance
The first dance: Everything I Do by Bryan Adams
What a cute couple!
Another first dance shot