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The Real Deal

My name is Suzanne Smith, and if you couldn't guess from the title on the home page, I like to speak Spanish.  In fact, my majors at Case Western Reserve University were Chemical Engineering and Spanish.  My birthday is October 9, 1979, and I have two sisters, Theresa (21) and Caitlin (12).  I currently live in Chicago, where I am working as a Chemical Engineer.  My favorite animals are tigers and sharks, and domestically I love puppies, especially German Shepherds.

Essentially, I started this webpage so that my friends who don't live in Chicago could see pictures of me and see what I'm up to.  I also put a few links of things that are of interest to me, namely movies, chocolate, and my friends' webpages.  I don't keep a daily diary, because I don't really think everyone needs to know every little minute, non-interesting detail of my life.  However, I'm told that strange things seem to follow me around, that wacky things happen to me more often than to most people, so I decided to have a Story of the Week, detailing my latest adventure!

The pictures, the main reason I started the webpage, are of my friends, family, and places that I've traveled.  I lived in Chile for 5 months while I studied abroad, so I have lots of pictures from there and neighboring Argentina.  I also studied for 5 weeks in Europe last summer and then traveled for 3 weeks to 11 different countries, so I have a lot of Europe pictures, as well.

I hope you enjoy the webpage-if you have any suggestions/comments, please e-mail me at